SSEA Vancouver is committed to hosting a variety of lectures focusing on Ancient Egypt.
The most recent event was a lecture by Richard Jasnow entitled “MAY MY GOOD NAME REMAIN BEFORE THOTH FOREVER!” Demotic Graffiti Documenting the Ibis and Falcon Cult in Dra Abu Naga’.

Our Next Event 

Lecture: “Hill of Bones: The mortuary landscape of Kom el-Adhem”
Thursday, March 9th,  at 7 p.m.
Dr. Nancy Lovell
Description: Extraordinary mortuary deposits at Kom el-Adhem in the Egyptian delta represent a vandalized sacred animal necropolis, an unusually complex cemetery of Graeco-Roman date, and evidence for the sudden, violent deaths of men, women, and children. Situated on a geographically significant tributary of the Mendesian branch of the Nile, and close to the mounds of Tell er-Ruba’a (ancient Mendes) and Tell Timai(ancient Thmuis), the site presents a perplexing mosaic of uses. In this illustrated talk, Dr. Nancy Lovell will describe her excavations at Kom el-Adhem and analyses of human and animal remains.