SSEA Vancouver Chapter President, Courtney McCombiePresident: Courtney McCombie is currently working on her MSc in History from the University of Edinburgh. She recently completed her BA in Archaeology and History from Simon Fraser University. She also holds a Cultural Resource Management Certificate. She is fascinated by all ancient cultures, specifically their social structures, and traditions.

SSEA Vancouver Chapter Treasurer, Stephanie BeppleTreasurer: Stephanie Bepple is a recent archaeology graduate from Simon Fraser University. Her passion in archaeology stemmed from reading books on Ancient Egypt at the age of 8, and has grown into a love for all ancient cultures around the world. Her interests lie in seeing individuality in the archaeological record, as well as Egyptian religion and every-day life.


Secretary: Melissa Rollit is currently an archaeology student at Simon Fraser University. She is intending on continuing her studies with a masters in Museum Studies. Her research interests include the cosmologies of ancient societies, public archaeology, and, of course, Egyptology.

kimmmi.jpgSocial Media Coordinator: Kimberly Head is a archaeology graduate from Simon Fraser University. She has a particular love of historical archaeology, and has loved her time working in archives. She hopes to get into the field of digitizing history. She’s fascinated by the mortuary aspect of Egyptian archaeology, specifically as it pertains to burial goods – King Tutankhamun’s mask is a favourite!


Member Liaison: Chantel Smeysters is a student of Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management at SFU. Her research interests include Egyptian watercraft, with particular interest in those used in trade routes and funerary practices. Her future plans include getting a PhD and travelling across the globe. Other interests include megalith structures of Northern Europe and Underwater civilizations.