Lecture: “At Midnight Yahweh struck down all the Firstborn of Egypt”

Dr Thomas Schneider from UBC will be speaking on an aspect of the book of Exodus and possible Egyptological connections.

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Thursday, 20 February
7 p.m.


Alliance for Arts & Culture
#100 – 938 Howe St
Vancouver, BC


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  • General Public – $5

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About the Speaker

Thomas Schneider is Professor of Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies at the University of British Columbia. He studied Egyptology at Zürich, Basel, and Paris and took his PhD from the University of Basel in 1990. He is editor-in-chief of the Journal of Egyptian History, Near Eastern Archaeology and of the series Culture and History of the Ancient Near East.


The text of Exodus 12 describes the last plague brought onto Egypt by Yahweh – the killing of Pharaoh’s firstborn son and the firstlings of the country’s livestock – by Yahweh or alternatively, his “destroyer” who strikes the Egyptians but spares the homes of the Israelites. Several aspects of the Passover protection ritual have not yet been explained in a satisfactory way, and Egyptian parallels for the protection ritual and the demonic killing have never been suggested. As other motifs of the Exodus and Plague narratives have been shown to be informed by Egyptian religious and ritual texts of the Late Period, it is not unlikely that Egyptian religion also provides the background for the events described during the night of Passover. The lecture proposes a new Egyptological approach to the description of the plague, the narrative trigger for Israel’s Exodus to the promised land.


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