Time to learn Hieroglyphs

We are pleased to announce that we are participating in this year’s version of ‘Culture Days’, a weekend devoted to the arts and culture scene around the country.

“Think Like an Egyptian: An Intro to Hieroglyphs”

Excerpt from the Papyrus of Ani
Excerpt from the Papyrus of Ani

This workshop will open a very small, but important window to ancient Egyptian culture through a glimpse into the meaning of hieroglyphs. Coordinated by the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (SSEA), we will explore the mysteries of the Egyptian language and the famous way it is written – the hieroglyphic script, developed more than five thousand years ago. Attendees will walk away with the ability to write their name in hieroglyphic script, and an initial appreciation for the unexpected depths of Egyptian writing and literature, as well as the historic story of their decipherment. Bring some ink and your papyrus as these mysteries will be unrolled.


Sunday, 30 September 2012
2 to 4 pm


Alliance for Arts and Culture
#100 – 938 Howe St
Vancouver, BC





If you want to learn more about Culture days, please visit http://www.culturedays.ca/.


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