LECTURE: ‘Tutankhamun’s Father’


In anticipation of our visit to Seattle in May to visit the Tutankhamun exhibit, Dr. James P. Allen from Brown University will be speaking to us on the family of the famed boy-king, continuing our discussion which Dr. Lanny Bell started in September 2011. The talk will take place on Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 6 p.m. in Buchanan B315 at UBC.

(Note the time change!!!)

Lecture Title

Tutankhamun’s Father

About the Speaker

Dr. James P. Allen
Dr. James P. Allen

James P. Allen is the Wilbour Professor of Egyptology at Brown University and president of the International Association of Egyptologists. He has served as Cairo Director of ARCE and curator of Egyptian art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is the author of numerous books and articles on ancient Egyptian language, literature, religion and history.


One of the key questions of ancient Egyptian history is the relationship of the “boy-king” Tutankhamun to his predecessor, the “heretic” pharaoh Akhenaten, and the Amarna royal family. Drawing on both well-established data and new findings from the study of DNA from the royal mummies, this talk presents one possible solution to the historical mystery.” (Source: James P. Allen)

How to get there

Buchanan B315 at UBC (Google Maps)

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