LECTURE: ‘Who are the Meshwesh?’ on November 24


For our next lecture, Dr. William Cooney from the University of Durham will be taking us into the lands of ancient Libya, where light will be shed onto the ethnic identity of a tribe the Egyptians referred to as the ‘Meshwesh’. The talk will take place in room 213 in Buchanan Block B at the University of British-Columbia at 7.30 p.m. on Thursday, November 24, 2011.

About the Speaker

Dr. William Cooney only recently finished his PhD from the University of Durham in the UK. Currently, he acts in the capacity of a treasurer for the Vancouver chapter of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities.


Dr. William Cooney
Dr. William Cooney

“In Year 11 of Ramesses III’s reign, the Egyptian army quelled an invasion by a group of people whom they referred to as the Meshwesh. Known since the time of Tuthmosis III, the Meshwesh are an enigmatic group who play an important role in the social and political history of ancient Egypt between the Eighteenth Dynasty to the end of the Third Intermediate Period. Within Egyptological literature, the Meshwesh have commonly been identified as a tribal group of Libyan origin, and have often been identified with the group referred to as the Maxues by Herodotus. Historically, the “Libyan” identification of the Meshwesh has had a profound influence on understanding the ethnic identity of this group. Based largely on the author’s doctoral research at the University of Durham (U.K), this paper will address the question of who were the Meshwesh? It will examine how ethnic identity can be interpreted in the past through historical, artistic and archaeological evidence and contrast this with the manner in which Meshwesh identity has been interpreted historiographically in modern Egyptological writings.” (Source: William Cooney)

How to get there

Buchanan Block B on Google Maps

Event Poster

Download a copy of the Lecture poster here – LINK. (Remember the lecture starts at 7.30 p.m.)
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