Summer Salutations

As we are nearing the beginning of September and with that another exciting academic year, we want to share some updates (as we just had another Executive Meeting).

Trip to Tacoma

We are only days away from traveling down to Tacoma and will post a report shortly after our trip on September 2, 2011. Registration for transportation is now closed, but you are always welcome to travel with on your own.

Find the Event details here.

Lecture Program 2011/2012

Dr. Lanny Bell

We are excited to announce that Dr. Lanny Bell from Brown University in Providence, RI will be coming to Vancouver in the end of September to give a lecture for the Vancouver chapter of the Archaeological Institute of America. He will also give a talk for the SSEA on Thursday, September 29, 2011. We will shortly post the title of his talk as well as abstract. Further details regarding the time and location of the talk will be posted closer to the date.

Later Events

Expect an email in September as we update you on our lecture program for the rest of the semester.

Be part of excitement in all sides of ancient Egypt in the Vancouver area and join us for events.


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