LECTURE: ‘The West beyond the West’ on February 10


Taking us on a journey to the Egyptian underworld and beyond, Dr. Thomas Schneider (University of British-Columbia) will give us a lecture entitled ‘The West beyond the West: The Sungod’s Journey to the Egyptian Underworld and the Historical Environment of Central Africa’. It will take place on Thursday, February 10, 2010 at 6.00 p.m. in Buchanan B219 at UBC.

About the Speaker

Faculty Page at the University of British-Columbia


“The Amduat, one of the Egyptian guides to the underworld from the first half of the second millennium BCE, provides specific descriptions and measurements for the first three hours after sunset, when the sun-god Re passes through an interstitial realm in the first hour before arriving at two gigantic sweet water oceans in the second and third hours. The paper argues that this description was inspired by actual knowledge of the environment of the region beyond the Gilf Kebir and Gebel Uweinat on modern Egypt’s SW corner. Recent evidence about the Abu Ballas trail has made plausible that that trail connected Egypt with the Chad basin of Central Africa. Elements of the factual description provided in the Amduat (including environmental and linguistic details) can be corroborated by the modern paleo-ecological reconstruction of the area that comprised gigantic paleo-lakes. This explanation is proposed to be more likely than to see in the imagery solely images of the human soul and antecedents of modern psychotherapy, as has frequently been proposed by modern scholars.”

How to get there

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