LECTURE: ‘Exchange between Egypt and Nubia in the 4th Millennium’ on December 2


Dr. Jane Roy from the University of British Columbia will present a talk on ‘Visiting the Neighbours: Contact and Exchange between Egypt and Lower Nubia in the 4th Millennium’. It will take place at 7.00 p.m. in Buchanan B208 at UBC.

About the Speaker

Dr. Jane Roy is currently teaching at the University of British-Columbia.


“The A-Group culture of Lower Nubia is often marginalised in discussions about the origins of the Egyptian state. Contact and exchange between the Naqada culture of Egypt and the A-Group are often viewed as one-sided affairs with Egypt dominating its southern neighbour. Yet what exactly did the Egyptians want from Nubia and vice-versa? And was Nubia really the poor cousin or was the relationship more equal and eventually even competitive as sites like Qustul in Lower Nubia might suggest?”

How to get there

Buchanan Block B on Google Maps


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