LECTURE: ‘El Hibeh: Life and Times of a 1st Millennium BCE Provincial Town’ on Nov 16


Dr. Carol Redmount from the University of California – Berkeley will be in Vancouver on November 16, 2010 to lecture to us about her work at the site of el Hibeh. Organized in conjunction with the Archaelogical Institute of America, the lecture entitled ‘El Hibeh: The Life and Times of a First Millennium BCE Provincial Town’ will take place at 7.30 p.m. in Buchanan Room B313 at UBC.
About the Speaker

Faculty Page at the University of California – Berkeley


“El Hibeh was founded by the High Priests Amun during the New Kingdom to Third Intermediate Period (TIP) transition. It was an important provincial town during the historically problematic TIP and is one of very few preserved town-sites from that era. After the TIP the town evidently shrunk in size and was used as a cemetery in Coptic times. A number of important literary works are reputed to come from the site including the Tale of Wenamun and the Petition of Petiese. Today El Hibeh is a picturesque tell, or town mound, with the Nile River to its west and the desert to its east comprised of a massive city wall of stamped mudbricks, a limestone temple to a distinctive form of the god Amun built by Shosenq I (Shishak of the Bible), first king of Dynasty 22, and cemeteries in the desert surrounding the site.”

How to get there

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