LECTURE: ‘Egypt’s New Kingdom East Frontier Defense System Revealed’ on September 16


Our kick-off lecture for our inaugural year will be given by Dr. James Hoffmeier from Trinity International University. Entitled ‘Egypt’s New Kingdom East Frontier Defense System Revealed’, it will take place  on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 7.00 p.m. in Buchanan B208 at the UBC.

About the Speaker

Faculty Page at Trinity International University


“Until recent decades, little was known archaeologically about the “Ways of Horus,” the military road that connected Egypt to western Asia, beyond the artistic representations of Seti I at Karnak. From the 1970s to the present, work in north Sinai has been ongoing. The Israeli archaeologist Eliezer Oren surveyed extensively during the 1970s and early 1980s. Mohamed Abd el-Maksoud’s ongoing work at Tell Abu Sefeh and Tell Hebua I & II has been extremely informative. In 1999, I began investigation Tell el-Borg, located 6 miles (10 Km) east of the Suez Canal at Qantara Sharq, which continued till 2008. Combining satelite imagery, paleoenvironmental (geological) research and archaeological excavations have enabled us to provide a clearer picture of the Ways of Horus and Egypt’s defense system during the 18th through 20th Dynasties. This lecture will provide an overview a decade of work and some of our discoveries and exciting conclusions.”

How to get there

Buchanan Block B on Google Maps


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